The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Full Movie Download

The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Full Movie Download | Andrea ‘Andy’ Sachs (Hathaway) is a college graduate who has just gotten a job “a million girls would kill for”, Second Assistant to Runway magazine Editor Miranda Priestly (Streep). Unfortunately, Andy doesn’t realize what she’s in for with the impossibly demanding and Diva behavior of Priestly. With the stress rapidly increasing and with Andy’s increasing fashion awareness, can she stop from having a nervous breakdown before it’s too late? Based on the Best Selling novel by Lauren Weisenberger.

The Devil Wears Prada Full Movie Download

The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Review: This film could also be called ‘Faust in Fashion’ since it takes many of it’s thematic motifs from “The Divine Comedy” , but with more flair and something more akin to 1967’s Bedazzled with Hathaway a female version of the Dudley Moore role. The script is a wonderful adaptation, becoming equal parts a temptation story and work place comedy, channeling 1988’s Working Girl with flashes of 1950’s All About Eve, bitchiness and all. What makes the film work though is the acting.

Coming off of her role as a melodramatic and overbearing housewife in Brokeback Mountain, pratfalling comedienne Anne Hathaway returns to the fold with flourish. Her Andy is always being tempted and seems innocent enough, until the audience and Andy realize at the same time the subtleties of the seduction have already worked on her soul. The only downside to her performance is that the two romantic interests never really gel with her, and thus you have a hard time believing the romance portions of the film. The real treat, however, is Meryl Streep’s Miranda. Her ‘boss from hell’ Diva is an uberprofessional that can believably scare off someone with a look, demand impossible tasks, and look fabulous while doing so without ever raising her voice and often with dialogue as deceptively simple as “Oh.” Also a delight is Stanley Tucci’s Gay fashion designer, whose fast paced, mean barbs ring of kindness to Andy rather than cruelty. Tucci and Streep create full-blown people, not just characters, on opposing ends of the spectrum. (Also a treat is Emily Blunt’s vicious and catty First Assistant Emily.) The montages are also used to great effect, with the final one of just Miranda illustrating how all the previous ones were meant to show how much Andy had ‘sold her soul’ for. The book is supposedly loosely based on Author Weisenberger’s time working for Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, who was rumored to be ‘waging a war of intimidation’ toward real fashion designer and model walk-ons for the film, so much so that the only cameos in this movie are from Valentino and Heidi Klum who ‘happened to be nearby’ during filming. Fashion Designer Patricia Field, who had previously collaborated with Director Frankel on multiple episodes of Sex and the City, did the costume designs for the film. “Bore someone else with your questions.”

Awards Likely: It has received Golden Globe nominations for Best Comedy, Best Comedy Actress (Streep), and Best Supporting Actress (Blunt). It has also been placed on the ‘Top 10’ lists for National Board of Review and the American Film Institute (AFI). It is likely to receive Oscar nominations for Actress (Streep), Supporting Actress (Blunt), and Adapted Screenplay, with possible nominations for Tucci for Supporting Actor and Costumes by Field.